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Don't Pull The Trigger

  • Исполнитель:

    Gorky Park
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Don't Pull The Trigger”

  • Don't Pull the Trigger Are too apathetic to see That is crumbling at your feet Holding on by the skin of it's teeth Eroding, exploding In the world with the burning fuse What we don't need is more abuse We're approaching the moment of truth Don't doubt it, be counted Try to look around your fences Can you dry your drowning senses Do you see the future Is there any room for Sticking your head in the sand Don't pull the trigger Don't pull the trigger Don't pull the trigger It's life on your finger You've got it don't throw it away Don't throw it away While the powers are twisting our fate And the rest of the world just waits Will the son shoot the father or stay The hammer, the clamor And it's not just for us that we ask But the children that follow our path Cause we're already falling too fast We make it or break it Hey listen now! Do you know what they doing I don't know Anything worth losing Has to go I don't wanna just be screaming Going down I don't wanna end up living Underground

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